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ReciProty Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What is ReciProty?

ReciProty is productive resource exchange sites that allows it members to network locally and connect globally to the support, resource, marketing and business opportunities they need.

What is the purpose of ReciProty?

Connect to trusted connections, participation, and local competition, local advantages, increase revenue, tangible evidence, and share resources. To allow members in your state know that your business or organization exists – customers and colleagues can take you need to go. As well, you can get the support you need to thrive in your personal and business pursuits. Travel to locations that you need to travel to or connect to who you need to connect.

Can I delete notifications?

Yes- when you click the Notifications tab, it shows all of your notifications and gives you the opportunity to either view the notification or delete it.

Can I organize my contacts?

Yes- When you add a contact, you select their relation to you. Then you can click on the “My Contacts” tab and select the “Display” pull-down tab. There it will give you the option to display All Contacts, Colleagues, Family, Friends, or Trusted Members.

Can I message members from “my contacts” page?

Yes- Select the box next to a member’s name and click “Message Selected”. You can send a message to them from there.

Can I message more than one member?

Yes- to send a message to a member, you click the box next to their name in the “My Contacts” tab. You can select as many members as you want. Then you can write your message, and it will send to all selected members.

What is the message tab?

The message tab is where you can view and send private messages to other members. This allows for a more personal way to network and request or give support.

How do I sign up?

On ReciProty’s home page, you can fill out your name and email address. You will then get a confirmation link sent to your email. (If you are unable to find it, check your spam.) Click the link and it will lead you back to ReciProty, where you can get started.

Which profile do I create?

You have the option to create either a Community Profile or a Professional/Business profile. The Community Profile is useful for giving and finding support, finding non-profit organizations, and requesting/giving emergency support. A Professional profile is used to connect to businesses, promote your own business and services, and share referrals among other business members. You can create a profile based on your preference, but you are also able to create both a Community and Professional profile.

How do I create a profile?

After deciding to create a profile, click either “Create a Community Profile now!” or “Create a Business Profile now!” This will lead you to a page where you fill out your name, location, social media links, and other useful information.

What are the Terms of Use and How do I find them?

The Terms of Use are found at the bottom of the site and display the rules that members agree to when signing up.

How do I contact ReciProty?

Click “Contact” at the bottom of the site and fill out your name, email, and telephone number along with a message.

What is My Account?

My Account is located at the top-right of the site and allows you to customize your email preferences and change your password.

How do I donate to ReciProty?

Click “Donate” at the bottom of the site. There you can enter payment information to donate to ReciProty.

What is the networking wall?

The Networking Wall is a section where members in the same location can interact, share resources, and request support.

Why should I post on the networking wall?

Posting on the Networking Wall will expose you to thousands of members in your area. This will get your name out in the community, and you will be more likely to receive support.

What if I do not want to see all posts from the members in my state?

You can select to see only your contacts’ posts, or you can select to display only business posts, or only neighborhood request posts.

Can I access previous posts that I made?

Yes- you can select “My Posts Only” on the Networking Wall to view your own posts.

Why should I create a new location?

Creating a new location allows you to view members and groups outside of your zip code. This way you can interact with family, friends, or colleagues from around the globe.

Can I control my mile radius?

Yes – some members only want to receive support or network with others within a certain mile radius. You can control and select a location from 5 to 2000 miles.

What if I want to connect with other members in my country?

You can form a Nationwide Group and either invite all of your contact members to join or members across the US will be able to view your group under the My Groups then Find Groups section and they can request to join.

Do I have to save my location?

In order to view posts from members in your area, you must save your location.

How do I change my location?

There is a search bar in the Networking Wall. Right under it is a link that says my location. Click on that and type in your new location. Don’t forget to save.

How do I search for a member?

Click “Search Member” on the left side of the Networking Wall to search for members.

How do I post on the wall?

Write your post in the text box under “Share Something”. Then click “post” to share it to members in your area.

What is the Event Calendar?

The Event Calendar is a calendar full of networking and business events, created by other members.