Meet ReciProty® Featured Member LaVette Grice

ReciProty® would like to support its members who are making a difference in our business and local communities. This Week’s ReciProty® Featured Member is LaVette Grice of Internet Traffic Builders Inc., where she creates video marketing systems for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to develop an edge in their local markets using unique video marketing platforms that connect seamlessly to social media marketing campaigns. She also runs – a training membership site for those interested in learning more about marketing their business offline and online.

Tell us more about yourself and your company.

I started my first business in direct marketing. Then I was very interested in real estate so I began studying real estate investing and made good money at it prior to the crash. I was also a mortgage loan officer for around 16 years. I moved to being a financial strategist in 2001. I had a unique marketing style which involved email and direct mail. I stumbled into online marketing because I was looking for a better way of contacting prospects other than with the telephone. That led me to the intriguing world of online marketing. Now I enjoy helping others who are where I was some time ago knowing that there is a better way to get in front of prospects.

What differentiates your company?

What’s different about my company is that I prefer to sit next to my client and create an individualized marketing system for them. I enjoy the happiness on the face of a new entrepreneur when they see their business unfold before their eyes on the Internet.

How can you help other ReciProty members?

I know the challenge of starting out with very little knowledge about what to do or cash to begin a large marketing campaign, so I’m offering new businesses 50% off their first marketing contract. That way they can get to know me and my work. During that time, I will train them on how to do some of what I do so that they are not completely lost if their marketing person walked away. That makes a typical $1100 Landing page with an “about me” video reduced to half price of $550 to ReciProty members.

What motto do you live and work by?

“Do It Anyway”

What is the value of becoming a member of

I can’t really put a price on it. Connection is everything especially in older established communities. This gives people access to those they would never have an opportunity to meet otherwise.

How can ReciProty members support you and your endeavors?

Simply by staying connected and close.

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