Meet ReciProty® Featured Member Harold Kurt

ReciProty® supports its members who are making a difference in our business and local communities. ReciProty Featured Member is Harold Kurt, from Beaverton, OR. Harold is a Talk Fusion Associate.

Tell us more about yourself and your company.

Talk Fusion is the only company to offer an All-In-One Video Marketing Solution, which includes Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Video Chat and a Contact Management System with Video Follow-up Email. I live in Beaverton, OR with my family of 4, I love all sports and I am a Manic Portland Trailblazer fan with season tickets for over 30 years.

What differentiates your company?

There are a number of companies around the globe which offer some of the products that Talk Fusion does, but none of them offer the all-in-one solution we do, at this very low price point.

How can you help other ReciProty members?

I have been with ReciProty nearly since its inception. I have been very active in the community and I am now attending at least two of the Networking with Results groups. I plan to be a vocal leader in any and all groups and intend to promote Talk Fusion to all of the members so I can introduce them to our great organization.

What is the value of becoming a member of

I have never seen an organization with this many individual business owners ready and willing to help each other grow their businesses. Just about any request for a service or support needed can be answered by the members of this group, usually in a matter of hours. It truly is a remarkable community of sharing and caring individuals.

How can ReciProty members support you or your endeavors?

We are looking for individuals and business owners, who want to increase their sales, increase their profits, and make their customers more loyal than ever. We believe in our product so much that we offer a Free 30 day product trial. It is a fact that video offers the opportunity to use sight and sound to connect emotionally with your customers like no text email or newsletter can.

About Harold

I am a speaker & trainer, teaching business owners how to successfully build their brands online using video. I can help others create more customer loyalty, get more sales and make more money all by using video marketing.

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