Meet ReciProty® Featured Member Kareen Mills

ReciProty® supports its members who are making a difference in our business and local communities. ReciProty Featured Member is Kareen Mills, an Independent LegalShield Associate focusing on LegalShield Small Business Solutions and Employee Benefits.

Tell us more about yourself and your company.

I was born and raised in the Philippines. I came to the United States in May 2000. I am always a believer of becoming the change you hope to see. After seven years of owning and operating an insurance business, I realized that my purpose was to partner with a company that gives others the confidence of knowing whatever comes their way, someone is looking out for them. I joined LegalShield because of their crusade and mission and it allows me to run with my passion! And that is to add value and resources to the lives of others.

What differentiates your company?

LegalShield is revolutionizing access to the legal system. Most American people cannot afford to hire an attorney. Our company is the pioneer in creating the legal services subscription model. We have been around since 1972 and have our identity theft division company, it allows us to complete the needs of our consumers.

How can you help other ReciProty members?

I am an Ambassador for the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and the leader for Network with Results Fort Vancouver chapter. I advocate for others. When I’m having a one-on-one conversation, my business comes last. I always qualify people for my business/referral partners so I can bring value to them. Sometimes I never even talk about my business, but that’s ok because when you bring value to others, the blessing will eventually come.

What is the value of becoming a member of

Reciproty is an amazing resource! The value is within the members and the global access we can all leverage for our business! I really like how it tracks referrals. As an entrepreneur I am always in the lookout for the movers and the shakers and this tool filters them!

How can ReciProty members support you or your endeavors?

Again, to bring value to others. Be of service to others and you will be remembered. Showing interest and showing that you care. I will never do business with anyone who is all about just having a one-way street. It’s always a two-way street!

About Kareen

Kareen Mills started her American dream with a nightmare after arriving with her parents and siblings in the United States. She decided to help others so they do not face the same challenges she once faced. She found her purpose to help first book series to serve United States immigrants.

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